BANDAID: Be a Hero, Know Your First Aid

BANDAID: Be a Hero, Know Your First Aid

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Indonesia is known as a country with high risk of natural disasters, the main reason being its territory that has a number of active volcanoes and its geographic location that crosses the equator. Knowing the crucial role of medical students in emergency situations to save those whose lives are at risk, SCORP and SCOME CIMSA USU held an activity with the name “BANDAID: Be a Hero, Know Your First Aid” to commemorate International Disaster Reduction Day and National Health Collaboration Day. The activity is done through several interventions, each intervention aiming to increase medical students’ knowledge and skills regarding disaster risk reduction.

Through CIMSA USU’s Spotify platform, BANDAID released a podcast as its first intervention on October 7 2023. The podcast was filled by dr. Ade Winata Sp.An, KIC and Kak Azzahra Wiana Kartika Siregar, where they chat about the importance of collaboration between health workers and medical students as the first responders in providing trauma healing to the victims of a disaster. The intervention was then followed the release of reels via CIMSA USU’s Instagram platform on October 11 2023, where BANDAID’s organizing committee conducted a QnA session regarding medical students’ role during a disaster.

The most awaited main event of BANDAID was held on October 14 2023, which took place at USU’s Faculty of Medicine. It was started with a seminar attended by participants who had previously registered, presented by Mr. Viki Efendi Sibuea, S.E as the representative of BASARNAS.

Shortly after the seminar ended, the event continued with a workshop session about basic life support, where BANDAID invited dr. Ade Winata Sp.An, KIC to be the speaker. The participants was taught about how to open the airway and remove foreign objects, assess breathing, and demonstrate chest compressions and ventilation (CPR) according to the guidelines.

The workshop continued with the division of participants into small groups, where each group was directed to directly demonstrate  what had been taught by the speaker. BANDAID invited Kak Ananda Rida Putri Bancin, Kak Khalisha Aprilia Desyandra Siregar, Bang Diqa Aridani Khoiri, Bang Midian Miduk Yehezkiel, and Bang Alif Aditya Nasution as the facilitators in each group, where they guide each participants in demonstrating what has been taught.

Lastly, BANDAID released an infographic about the roles of health workers in disasters which was released via CIMSA USU’s Instagram feed on October 17 2023, becoming the final intervention of BANDAID SCORPxSCOME CIMSA USU 2023.