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Hello CIMSA!

Introducing the Orange CIMSA USU, SCOPHeroes!

SCOPH (Standing Committee on Public Health) was established in 1952 by medical students of International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA). SCOPH aims to develop the ability to cooperate and explore idea of public health related issue including global health issue, health regulation and activity that is related with education and promotion of health. With a proper health education to all elements of society, we hope health problem in community, including heart disease, vascular disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer, Smoking and Alcoholism, will be decreased.

SCOPH CIMSA USU has existed since October 2017. At this time it has 73 active members, which is calculated from batch 17, batch 18, and batch 19.

This year, SCOPH CIMSA USU is headed by LPO SCOPH CIMSA USU, Dara Peuseunang Hate Sabri. She has a team named LPC (Local Public Health Coordinator) who helps the her to manage the SCOPH CIMSA USU a year round.

SCOPH CIMSA USU has planned several projects, namely:

  1.  WNTD (World No Tobacco Day) project called SEBAT (Save your breath from Today) in the form of air campaigns, online campaigns & online seminars on May 29-31 May 2020.
  2. WMHD (World Mental Health Day) SCOPH CIMSA USU will carry it out in September 2020, planned to work with the psychology department.
  3. WDD (World Diabetes Day) will be held in November 2020 at the Public Health Center with the target elderly who are suffering from diabetes.
  4. HGN (Hari Gizi Nasional) will be held in January 2021.

SCOPH CIMSA USU as a forum to develop and enhance the creativity and potential of members in terms of public health, by implementing projects related to public health.

SCOPHeroes! Orange Hug!


Greetings CIMSA!

Hi I’m Ruth Theresia, Local Officer on Rights and Peace CIMSA USU 2020/2021, I am going to introduce one of CIMSA six Standing Committees, SCORP abbreviation for Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace. SCORP CIMSA’s Mission Statement is: “The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace is committed to promoting Human Rights and Peace, as future health care professionals we work toward empowering and improving the health of Refugees and other vulnerable people.” SCORP CIMSA put its intention especially on refugees, internally displaced people and vulnerable people. As for its realm of work there are 4 which are Vulnerable People, Refugee’s Health, Disaster Management and Right to Health.

SCORP-CIMSA national officials consisted of National Officer on human Rights and Peace (NORP) and National Committee Officer on human Rights and Peace (NCORP). They manage all locals and communicate with each LORP to see how things are going on like projects and activities, training, finance, etc. NCORP is also divided to divisions just like local officials, which are: VNI, VNE, Secretary, Treasurer, Project Coordinator, Human Resources development Coordinator, Finance and Merchandising Coordinator and they also have their own team. SCORP CIMSA always have projects with special theme each year that are designed by them and later on the Project Kit will be shared to LORP so it will be held in each locals such as: International Women’s Day at 8 March each year, International Day of Peace at 21st September each year and other projects that you can check out in @scorpcimsa ‘s Instagram page.

That’s all about SCORP CIMSA in general. Now I would like to let you have deeper look on SCORP CIMSA USU. In CIMSA USU, just like SCORP in other locals, LORP has LCORP to help them manage SCORP. LCORP in CIMSA USU consists of Secretary and Treasurer. They help not only administrations and finance, but also contact and reach out member.

SCORP members are obliged to fill the SCORP’s Do you Know SCORP Enough (DOSE). It is a way to measure SCORP members knowledge about SCORP. It is also a program from SCORP national, but LORP and LCORP together remind the member to fill the DOSE and also to pay their SCORP member fee which is 10k Rupiahs each period.

CIMSA USU also held activities, the most recent one is a short movie in celebration of International Women’s Day that is posted on @cimsausu IGTV. It told a story about Gender Based Cyber Violence, don’t forget to check it out!

CIMSA USU also has very special project that is very close to our heart, White Cane Day, it is one example of project that concerns about Vulnerable People. White Cane Day project objective is to promote people with impaired vision’s rights such as specialized paving block for them that is often misused. CIMSA USU also held training to upgrade their member knowledge, for example SCORP 101.

To conclude my article, SCORP is a very comfortable place to evolve if you are a medical students interested in Human Rights and Peace. Sending peace from the SCORP’s green family for all the reader.


Greetings, CIMSA!!

We have a good news for all the CIMSA’s members in local USU. Please welcome our new family, SCOMEDIANs.

On 31st January 2020 we were officially being an observer of SCOME (Standing Committee on Medical Education). SCOME was one of IFMSA’s first standing committees from the beginning of its foundation on 1951. It acts as a discussion forum for students interested in the different aspects of medical education in the hope of pursuing and achieving its aim. Today, SCOME works mainly in medical education capacity building. SCOME provides several platforms and methods to educate medical students worldwide on various medical education issues. Through this knowledge, it empowers them to advocate to be a part of the decision-making chain. SCOME believes that medical students are the most important stakeholders in creating, developing and implementing medical education systems. The vision of SCOME is to let medical students attaining an optimal professional and personal development to reach their full potential as future doctors for better healthcare worldwide. Our mission is to be the frame in which medical students worldwide contribute to the development of medical education. Students convene in SCOME is to share and learn about medical education in order to improve it as well as benefit the most from it on a personal and professional basis.


CIMSA USU made an assessment to consider what would be the next SCO in CIMSA USU by the participation of CIMSA USU’s member as the resource. The result was 71,79% of CIMSA USU’s members wanted SCOME to be the next SCO in CIMSA USU. Some of the resources gave us good reason like Adi (CIMSA USU Batch 2018) “Forum for students that interested in medical education has never been provided before. Therefore, SCOME has the potential to rise and shine in Faculty of Medicine USU” and also Abbrar (CIMSA USU Batch 2018) “SCOME can help CIMSA members to improve their skills and knowledges related to medical education”

In addition, we have also examined the SWOT value of SCOME’s initiation in CIMSA USU. The Strengths  is that there was very few organization in Faculty of Medicine USU which have a focus about Medical Education, so the initiation will be positively impactful since we recognize medical education issue is so important; However, SCOME also have a Weakness point such as a decreasing members on another SCO. The opportunities of SCOME is that SCOME was created with support and love by the CIMSA USU’s members. and the threats are fund problems, academic schedule and members.

About the project, we proposed 3 projects as the observer.

  1. BOBA (Belajar Osce Bareng Abang kakak) , with batch 2019 as the target, we try to empower members with a better OSCE preparation and the instructors are from senior members who are qualified.
  2. #GRWM (Get Ready With scoMe), targeting the new students, we try to create opportunities for new member to find out more about Faculty of Medicine Sumatera Utara University, the education system, department introduction, and medical textbook review.
  3. Donat (Doctor’s National Day) Donat is one of the national projects’ mandatory, we chose National Doctor Day because we want to say thank you to doctors by giving souvenirs and convey the aspirations of medical students which we previously collected.

So far we already have 6 members and 1 LOME, 7 cute pandas come to be new family in CIMSA USU. Let’s get acquainted with the SCOMEDIANs. They’re Abbrar, Fira, Fiqi, and Shania from Batch 2018. Yani and Kamila from Batch 2019 and the LOME is Dila from batch 2018. For we are only 7, we hope that the CIMSA members will actively participating in projects organized by SCOME, and hopefully SCOME can help enhance the enthusiasm of medical students in USU to study more. CIMSA USU members and medical students in USU are expected to understand more and be more updated yet responsive to the current medical education system being undertaken, as well as all medical problems and issues can actively be discussed in the presence of SCOME.

CIMSA USU, can SCOMEDIANs ask for your hug?

Standing Committee in CIMSA


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