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CIMSA Indonesia

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Center for Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities (CIMSA) is a non-profit and non government organization that is independent, nationalist, non-political and non partisan with activity based programs. CIMSA consist of 6 standing committees related to health issues, that is Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV/AIDS, Public Health, Medical Education, Human Right and Peace, Research Exchange and Professional Exchange. Having 25 active locals throughout Indonesia, CIMSA is affiliated with International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), the biggest students’ organization in the world who has been recognized by United Nations.


CIMSA was officially established in May, 6th 2001 by some medical students from various city of Indonesia based on the inclination for an organization that based on ongoing activities; utilize the developing technology, with internationally standard programs to support medical students in Indonesia CIMSA held its first General Assembly at May, 11-13 2001 and become affiliation with International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) in 2002. Since then, CIMSA has 25 locals spread in various Faculty of Medicine throughout Indonesia and continues to grow.


“To empower Indonesia medical students in order to create a healthier, more secure and more prosperous Indonesia where people can enjoy equal opportunities in education and health and also in effort to improve lives and also reach prosperity and social justice. In addition is to reach universally healthier lives for a healthier world.”


“To empower medical students to be able to actively learn and create, and also to plan strategies and execute movements to improve nation’s health and well being.”


  1. To be the media between Indonesian medical student and professional organizations, both governmental and non governmental, in order to intensify cooperation for public interests.
  2. To increase the capacity of Indonesian medical students, to use the capacities and capabilities as a medical student to nourish and educate the nation, to actively cooperate with the international community in the effort to improve the world’s health, and fight for the dignity and sovereignty of Indonesia in the eyes of other nations in the world.
  3. Actively improve nation’s health by real activities in community.
  4. Actively support the improvement of medical education in Indonesia.
  5. To provide a forum for medical students in Indonesia to discuss topics related to the individual and community’s health, education and knowledge, and to formulate policies from the discussions.
  6. To support and facilitate professional and research exchanges as well as extracurricular projects and training for medical students, thus introducing them to other cultures and their health problems to improve the medical profession.